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Development[ edit ] Jackson desired to perform an organic show without the use of theatrics and pyrotechnics, selecting venues allowing her to be intimate with fans. This is a love affair between me and those of you who have supported me and my work for all these years.


At the same time, she penned her first book, True You and suffered the death of her brother, Michael Jackson. She enters from the back of the audience flaunting a " scythe -edged" haircut in a grey catsuit to perform opening number " The Pleasure Principle ", moving throughout the venue's centerpiece while interacting with the crowd.



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  1. At the same time, she penned her first book, True You and suffered the death of her brother, Michael Jackson. Critical reception[ edit ] The tour was met with positive reviews.

  2. Her then-most recent number one hit " Make Me " lead the set. The woman defines fierce and she pounced on the stage.

  3. Jackson performed in 35 cities, each show offering something different in terms of her performance. The set began with " Nothing " and " Come Back to Me " before closing with " Let's Wait Awhile " and " Again ", briefly pausing to allow the audience to sing several verses in their entirety.

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