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Thank you for your question. Like a Mafia hit man faced with whacking his boyhood friend, I think it's about time I retired.

Okcupid south africa

How accurate are OkCupid matches? Can OkCupid delete my account?

Okcupid south africa

Okcupid south africa

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  1. A corollary of the futile faceless approach is an attempt to look like a borderline certifiable artist by posting shots of yourself taken at weird angles and run through so many filters you might be looking at a bee. Even if you count your squeeze with a tripping tiger as up there with the best things that have ever happened to you, for the love of God don't tell OkCupid about it.

  2. It's best to contact OkCupid customer service if you're experiencing technical problems, or just try again another time as problems may be caused by the large volume of visitors. Please ask your question.

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