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Intervenes I am not worried at all. Your aim seems to have been to put as many unpleasant questions as possible and try to provoke me.

Okay in tamil

So the voting pattern of the country and the voting system went against you? I deny it totally.

Okay in tamil

Okay in tamil

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Intervenes You have responses before you. That is a verbatim sketch. Go and ask him that.

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  1. O Kadhal Kanmani is definitely above a notch compared to the mediocre cinema we have been subjected to lately.

  2. As and your Ministers in public prostrate themselves in front of you? The makers then sent the film to the revising committee to acquire a "U" Universal certificate, but the status remained unchanged.

  3. Development[ edit ] In early , Mani Ratnam first approached Telugu actor Ram Charan to be a part of the film, but he felt the lead role would not work for him. I do deny it.

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