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All that said, the paper packaging isn't a dealbreaker for me and I will probably end up buying their magic hour palette too because I like the formula and love the colors! It does a pretty good job at mattifying my skin without drying it out!


It's super moisturizing and keeps my lips hydrated for a few hours, even if I'm constantly sipping water. It even wears nicely over lipstick!



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  1. My only complaint is that the cap is not very spacious, so I always have to screw the deodorant all the way down before screwing the cap back on. Unfortunately, the glitter is a deal breaker for me.

  2. Anti-persperant helps prevent sweat.

  3. Personally, I like wearing one shade quickly blended out fingers or brush both work on my upper lid and another shade smudged on my lower lashline. I'm Sharmili, but since we're friends you can call me Mili.

  4. In lip products, I'll tolerate it

  5. It isn't overly sticky and it gives a nice shine without being too tacky.

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