Obamacare rfid chip


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What are these implanted devices, and who has them? By , all Americans will be implanted with a microchip per order of Obamacare. It's not a law, and even if it was, it no more mandates you get a chip implanted than it mandates you get a hip replacement.

Obamacare rfid chip

This has also been quite well debunked over on Snopes: Posted By Mark Roberti, Visited 50, times, 2 visits today.

Obamacare rfid chip

Obamacare rfid chip

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  1. There wasn't language like that in the earlier version of the bill, either.

  2. They will be implanted to help identify individuals immediately.

  3. Examples of Class I devices include elastic bandages, examination gloves, and hand-held surgical instruments.

  4. And even if the law gave the secretary the discretion to call RFID "life-supporting," the bill only called for the tracking of unique devices.

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