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Napa and Carquest usually has better quality parts, but what people don't know is that O'Reilly's carries name brand products that make parts for Napa and Carquest. To help vehicle owners save money, Cheapism. Here's how the prices compare on products from brake pads to wax.

O reilly vs autozone

Running a parts store is a lot of work, and takes many people to make it run smoothly. It's not like going to a grocery store where you're in and out and know what to expect, at a parts store, you will have someone on the phone looking up parts, running to the back to grab a part, dumping oil, talking to a customer for 5 minutes trying to help them, so the service is and will mostly liking be much slower than shopping at a Walmart.

O reilly vs autozone

O reilly vs autozone

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  1. Napa Suspension is made by Moog which you can get the actual brand at O'Reilly for much cheaper, Shocks and Struts, are made by Monroe, just like what Napa and Carquest sells.

  2. The big-box stores beat out the auto parts retailers every time. Like Gates belts and hoses, Napa and Carquest belts and hoses made by Gates.

  3. Napa and Carquest usually has better quality parts, but what people don't know is that O'Reilly's carries name brand products that make parts for Napa and Carquest.

  4. The specialty chains stock many more options than the big-box stores; the selection at Target is particularly limited.

  5. The prices below are for a single, inch Rain-X brand wiper.

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