Northside brisbane suburbs


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These properties rent well, are low maintenance and offer good rental yields. Gladstone is very much an industrial town, I could see nothing wrong with it from my brief visit, but the town centre was very small.

Northside brisbane suburbs

Cause when I think of army base will be like party, drinking. Commuters can reach the city in just 30mins, direct from Sandgate train station , whilst Brisbane airport is just 20mins drive away. With its leafy parklands, historic town centre, beautiful old Queenslanders, trawlers, fresh seafood, markets, live music and wonderful village atmosphere — all positioned right on the foreshore overlooking Moreton Bay — why would you want to live anywhere else!

Northside brisbane suburbs

Northside brisbane suburbs

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  1. The local populations in these well-established suburbs continue to expand, thanks to ongoing development and the popularity of the north side business area.

  2. Or the Redcliffe area also??

  3. At just 24km from the CBD, Griffin is also popular with investors looking for low maintenance, brick properties. Cause when I think of army base will be like party, drinking.

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