Neil strauss and the game


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But he sounds honest when he tells me it was the act of finishing chapters, and reading them over, that pushed on his recovery. PUAs go out, recite their lines, get phone numbers or a 'kiss close' a girl kisses you, then leaves , then go home to type up their conquests on PUA message-boards.

Neil strauss and the game

He tells me that, without knowing it at the time, he was a pretty troubled man when he wrote The Game. If she doesn't want to, she won't. Instead of models in bikinis lounging by the Project Hollywood pool all day, we had pimply teenagers, bespectacled businessmen, tubby students, lonely millionaires, struggling actors, frustrated taxi drivers, and computer programmers — lots of computer programmers.

Neil strauss and the game

Neil strauss and the game

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  1. On page , Mystery's mother says his problems are caused by his low self-esteem.

  2. A book about pick-up artistry was suggested to him by an editor at HarperCollins. I met a guy in a club, he started reciting all the lines.

  3. It's just a series of behaviours and word patters, and women don't just 'fall for it'.

  4. Then it felt OK. He endorsed a Game board game.

  5. This is never mentioned again in the book, but is the most sinister aspect, crossing the line from harmless pickup routines into nonconsensual sex.

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