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As I acknowledged in the beginning, your job as the DM is to set your players a challenge. You're all on the same side. The second one, in case you're wondering, is a whole lot easier nine times out of ten.

Neal litherland

They need to fight the minotaur, rescue the baron's son, find the spy, what have you. That is clearly a fight tilted in favor of the bad guy, if the PCs don't have some way to strip away those protections, or reach past them.

Neal litherland

Neal litherland

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  1. Say that your villain has taken the time to properly prepare themselves, laying protective magics over themselves.

  2. You pick the monsters, the arenas, the villains' spell sets, the traps, and all the other aspects so that your characters can hack, slash, dodge, tuck, roll, steal, fast talk, and blast their way from where they are, to the end of the story. However, whatever task you set your party to achieving, you need to make sure you give them the tools to actually succeed.

  3. Instead, ask what your party is really good at, and throw them a bone while still making stuff challenging.

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