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Any chances of escape in the Rodpod were dashed when they were blown out of the sky, a stray missile blowing up part of Nautica's face. Riptide decided to have fun with a drunk Trailcutter , and while Nautica initially joined in the laughter, left to return to her quarters. Those present in the Rodpod started to disappear, and Nightbeat finally made the connection that those left behind, including Nautica, were not part of the original crew of the Lost Light.


Rage, Rage Do Not Go Gentle In the days that followed, Nautica helped Velocity acclimate the " Disappeared ", the "organics" in the Necrobot's basement who were actually time-displaced Cybertronians he had saved from history. The Road Not Taken You got me And Butt-head, I got you Brainstorm would then poison the crew and use the briefcase to travel through time, attempting to ensure the war never happened and his love Quark would live.



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