Narcissistic controlling behavior


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When you are gaslighted, you feel uncomfortable and know something toxic has occurred, but the narcissist in your life tells you: Word salads and nonsensical conversations often erupt into arguments and are used to discredit, confuse, and frustrate you. Once confronted the narcissist will pull out their list of all the mistakes you have made and throw them at you hysterically as a conversation diversion tactic until you lose will to pursue to uncover the truth.

Narcissistic controlling behavior

If as often happens in private he shouts and swears or intimidates his immediate family, or if his face turns beetroot - walk away 20 feet! How will you enforce your new boundaries? Once a person serves no purpose to the narcissist, they triangulate by devaluing them to other people.

Narcissistic controlling behavior

Narcissistic controlling behavior

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