Names of sweets in hindi


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Long story short, we have something for each season and each occasion in the vast collection called Indian Sweet Recipes. Almost every state in this country has its own variety of 'mithai' or sweetmeat.

Names of sweets in hindi

Chana Dal halwa Rich and wholesome Halwa preparation made using chana dal paste, sugar and lots of Ghee is a treat you must not deprive yourself of. It is basically thickened milk with dry fruits and kesar.

Names of sweets in hindi

Names of sweets in hindi

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  1. If you go to Agra then make sure you grab some pethas apart from gazing at the Taj. Here are some of the most popular Indian sweets that enjoy legendary status, and also check out the best places to have them.

  2. Enjoying a plate of rabri while sitting on the ghats of the Ganga is an ethereal experience. The one thing common in it is that the ingredients are boiled in milk.

  3. They are deep fried soft balls of khoya that have been dipped in sugar syrup. These diamond shaped sweets are filled with rich flavour of cashew nuts.

  4. Modak Modak is a sweet filled dumpling that is made in Maharashtra.

  5. This is one dish we have all grown up eating. Gajar ka halwa is the ultimate Indian winter treat, made from grated carrot, sugar and oodles of ghee is something we can't have enough of ever.

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