Naked cogers


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By everything, I mean not just intercourse -- which, btw, was so hilarious that i've sent a transcript of one encounter we overheard to my friends -- but even the sound of somebody clipping their toenails. The entertainment compells participants to get topless, sometimes full frontal.

Naked cogers

Even the TV remote control didn't have batteries. Then they try to immediately steer you into the activities desk before they'll show you to your room.

Naked cogers

Naked cogers

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  1. The buffets were terrible. If you're a vegetarian, definitely don't come here, you'll eat nothing but slimy fruit and bread.

  2. Also, no poolside wait staff, you have to go the bar, which is no big deal until you go to a place that has wait staff and you realize how nice that is. For better or worse, this is the "best" thing about the resort.

  3. Basically versions of the same poolside games played at many of the resorts. The sexy pool had more contemporary music, but would also have other ugly forms of muzack like the Tibetan Monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery covering U2's With or Without You, which is very wrong

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