My wifes asshole


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Ever since that day, although she can come without anal-play, it is a sure-fire way to get her orgasming in no time. She felt it come up to his face, and heard him sniffing. What must he have been thinking?

My wifes asshole

What a whore I've turned out to be. And then his hands were on her hips, lifting the flesh of her arse cheeks up and apart, and pinning her to the floor, and she yelped in surprise and uncontrolled pleasure as he licked from her perineum across her still-stinky hole and up her arse cheek. He was groping her, both fully clothed, from behind - one hand massaging a tit and the other cupping her crotch.

My wifes asshole

My wifes asshole

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  1. Well, I can't be sure, but if anything that episode made my wife even more of an anal-slut.

  2. There was movement behind her, and a hand on her ankle. After a few more licks he made a spear of his tongue and worked it into her anus, forcing it to relent despite it's surprise and defensiveness, to yield.

  3. Already the bolts of electricity were coursing through her.

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