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The Hideaway resort is nestled on the shores of the TFF and offers visitors a relaxing and enjoyable getaway. He thrilled us with story after story of caught and lost fish and kept us glued to our seats with his tips and hints on how to catch these elusive fish. Not only would he talk about the how the structure was made, but he also explained why the muskies would be holding on the structure and what our bait and retrieve choices should be.

Muskyman sports

With all his knowledge and his enthusiasm for the sport of Musky fishing, Bobby Orr is one of those guides in the Northwoods that I would highly recommend looking up the next time you are up in Northern Wisconsin. Hiring a guide can be a daunting task as there is always the question if they are good enough, or have the right equipment. His knowledge of the area was outstanding.

Muskyman sports

Muskyman sports

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  1. Bobby works closely with the directors to facilitate the process of getting an event to be held in the Mercer area. His selection of baits was comparable to that of your local tackle shop.

  2. His selection of baits was comparable to that of your local tackle shop. Working closely with the Chamber or Commerce and the DNR, Bobby puts forth a great effort to introduce these events into the area.

  3. They made chucking heavy lures as easy as throwing a small spinnerbait for bass.

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