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But everyone still ends up remembering Toy Story and just about anything from Pixar in the end. Toward the end, a moment comes when Humphrey must wake Kate in time for them to rejoin the pack, which presumably means losing her forever — or let her sleep, and potentially keep her for himself.

Movies similar to alpha and omega

Humphrey is a more carefree omega wolf, whose social standing forbids him to marry his true love, Kate. That movie with the CGI wolves?

Movies similar to alpha and omega

Movies similar to alpha and omega

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  1. A Howl-iday Adventure [ edit ] Kate Kate Higgins , Humphrey Benjamin Diskin and their 3 new pups Stinky, Claudette and Runt are happily preparing to celebrate their first winter together when their smallest cub, Runt, mysteriously disappears. But a rival group of wolves scolds Kate and her group and got into a little brawl… eh, sort of.

  2. Family Vacation [ edit ] Alpha and Omega:

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