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The more southerly portion of the municipality is bounded on the west by the lower reaches of the Stave River , which consists mostly of the lakewaters of two hydroelectric reservoirs, Stave Lake and Hayward Lake. Adjoining it was the Empress Foods Co. But with the impacts on this industry relocation of the Japanese during wartime and the devastating flood of , the strawberry theme was abandoned.

Movies playing in mission bc

Mission was once the heart of the berry industry in the Fraser Valley, with "Home of the Big Red Strawberry" as Mission's slogan in the s and into the s. The Strawberry Festival began in , when it was suggested by the Board of Trade.

Movies playing in mission bc

Movies playing in mission bc

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  1. Mission is noted as the home of a long-established professional dragstrip, Mission Raceway Park , which was moved in relatively recent times outside the dyking of the lower part of town to reduce noise in residential and commercial areas nearby.

  2. Mission Post Office, First Avenue at Welton Avenue in the heart of Mission's commercial core Despite a cohesive business community and new retail malls on the edges of the old core, Mission's retail community has never regained its former prominence in the Fraser Valley.

  3. Neighbouring Silverhill was founded by a Finnish Utopian sect who were superseded by Scandinavian and German settlers following a forest fire that virtually wiped out the Finns. In the s and s there was a large cluster of productive mills on the waterfront in Mission, for many years world capital of red cedar shake production the mill at Whonnock outproduced the largest of the Mission mills, but Mission's city of mills was the largest overall producer.

  4. The northern part of the district, and the wilds of the Stave River basin to the north of it, are home to a few wilderness work camps for young offenders and low-risk convicts; these camps have over recent decades participated in the ongoing clearing of vast forests of flooded-out trees from the inundated areas of Stave Lake , opening the lake to water recreation and public exploration. Following the great flood of a few years after the town's founding, the core was relocated just north of the rail line at the foot of the hillside rising above the rail junction.

  5. Mission's other major industry was logging, and the town's several mills were noted for being the world's largest suppliers of red cedar shakes and shingles.

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