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I also think she would have been happier with Ducky. Either way, if I had a day to lie on the couch and indulge in a romantic comedy movie marathon or Rom-Com as the cool kids say these are the movies I would want to watch: In one of the most memorable scenes, the duo is on the beach and Allie is playing in the waves.

Movies like sleepless in seattle

Ever After Drew Barrymore stars in a break-out role as Cinderella in this romantic movie. Fans of the book trilogy love the movies just as much, which star the beautiful young adult actors Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner they play, respectively, characters Bella, Edward, and Jacob.

Movies like sleepless in seattle

Movies like sleepless in seattle

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  1. Love Story is as much about the love between a couple as it is about familial relationships. Despite the fact that Oliver's father has forbidden him from seeing Jennifer, the two get married.

  2. In one of the most memorable scenes, the duo is on the beach and Allie is playing in the waves. Taking cues from An Affair to Remember, the film tells the story of a couple, Sam and Annie, who meet through the efforts of Sam's son who convinces Sam to call into a talk radio station to talk about how he is literally sleepless in Seattle, after the death of his wife.

  3. Amelie I love, love, love this French movie, based in Paris, with English subtitles.

  4. And what about that new play? He then finds out that Lund needs the letters to exit the country for America with her husband.

  5. The plot twists and turns as jilted love interests and double date arrangements complicate matters.

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