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The most important thing is the choice is there, and the film completely demonstrates that. Palin's daughter, Bristol , age 17, was pregnant with the child of another teenager.

Movies juneau

I think people should look to other areas of their life for lessons and guidance, mainly parents, or teachers, or friends, or whomever. The question is, will the public rally 'round Bristol Palin the way it did Juno?

Movies juneau

Movies juneau

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  1. I got in touch with Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches[,] and she started sending me her work, which was beautiful, and that became a lot of the soundtrack. Reitman contacted Dawson, and, after reading the film's screenplay, she agreed for her songs to be used in the film, sending him a packet of CDs containing about songs.

  2. A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper , after discovering her blog about stripping.

  3. Creating Juno" , while the second disc is a DRM-encrypted version of the film for portable players. Brown leaves were composited onto a fake tree outside Juno's house and cherry blossom trees outside Leah's house were touched up in a lighter shade of pink to depict autumn; a fan was used to blow leaves around in some scenes as if the leaves were falling from trees.

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