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To build the new theatre, the Amusement Company purchased the building at N. Botefuhr, owner of a large music supply house in town. Fronting the street there were four retail shops that opened onto the street and inside the inner lobby.

Movies in pittsburg kansas

During this entire time, the building was owned by the Besse Family and was only leased to the various theatre operators. There were two diamonds enclosed in a herringbone pattern evenly spaced on either side of the entryway, which was flanked by two columns. The Colonial Theatre was officially renamed the Fox Theatre after the renovation was completed in

Movies in pittsburg kansas

Movies in pittsburg kansas

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  1. Organized and directed by Frank S.

  2. White tile was used on the floor and to a height of 8 feet on the walls and had 4 pool tables and 3 barber chairs. After the premier, the Colonial followed a typical schedule showing a matinee at 1 pm of vaudeville and a movie then another show at 5 pm without vaudeville.

  3. Surcharges for premium formats and special events.

  4. Alexander Besse became involved with the company in and ran the Main Street Theatre in Picher, Oklahoma for a few years. Find one near you or explore a new area to play, walk, run or bike.

  5. The Colonial Theatre was officially renamed the Fox Theatre after the renovation was completed in

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