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Constantly seeking workers to staff a variety of positions, Carmike employs associates willing to work flexible schedules, interact positively and frequently with customers, and enjoy movies and cinema. Individuals with histories as servers or bartenders may gain preference over applicants without such familiarity. An ongoing and consistent effort to provide an unforgettable experience to every guest means that AMC Theatres with the help of incredible cinematic talents on-screen has created more reasons to go to the movies than ever before.

Movie theater in prattville

As I got more involved in the company, and my responsibilities, and the company, began to grow, Bud asked me if we could have a regular weekly call to keep more closely updated with everything going on. Revolutionary Technology AMC theaters are fully upgraded from projection to digital 4K-resolution by Sony Digital Cinema for a noticeably sharp and vivid picture. Managers typically work various shifts, including nights and weekends, and should show willingness to relocate, if necessary.

Movie theater in prattville

Movie theater in prattville

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  1. Theatre managers and managers-in-training must perform daily tasks primarily involving administrative duties, such as staffing and discipline, scheduling, opening and closing locations, monetary duties, and public relations. Floor staff work as ticket takers, cashiers, concession workers, and ushers.

  2. So when we got on the call I asked him how the seminar had been. At its essence what Bud was teaching us was simply to take the first step, and then another, trusting that we would always find our way to what would work best.

  3. Responsibilities vary and tend to include preparing and selling concessions, such as popcorn and fountain drinks, cleaning equipment, selling tickets, cleaning and monitoring auditoriums, assisting guests as necessary, and maintaining overall facility cleanliness and appearance.

  4. The company also regularly hires individuals with prior management experience, preferably in the retail, hospitality, entertainment, or restaurant industries. Bud is a pure entrepreneur.

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