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No output images are shown in the paper. There are no Open Source Contributions in this paper. I did some investigation on the web based on one sentence in the abstract


Suggestions for future work: However, it is certainly an exciting application field for image analysis techniques, and it will be interesting to see the results of their work once the code reaches higher levels of maturity.



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  1. Although the field of application of this paper is extremly interesting, the actual state of the software seems to be in a very early stage. The content of the paper describe a project in the early stages of developement.

  2. The tool allows for the menu-based selection of different types of clustering methods termination criterion, etc. It does not seem to be ready for being tested by others.

  3. It does not seem to be ready for being tested by others.

  4. The paper does not satisfy the requirements of open science since there are no actual experiments reported, and there is no sharing of source code of data that could be used by others in order to verify the work of the authors. No output images are shown in the paper.

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