Monolith network monitoring


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Our customers do not want to hear, 'we can't do that right now' -- it's the wrong answer! The key technology component driving this new feature is Monolith's Base URL Widget, allowing organizations to display any data content within a dashboard view.

Monolith network monitoring

Monolith's TCA makes this entirely possible. Layers 1 through 7, are what Schaft calls, "the next big thing. Understanding connectivity is paramount when performing RCA.

Monolith network monitoring

Monolith network monitoring

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  1. James Martin, Radiant's director of technology strategy, explains, "Monolith's IT dashboard features have always provided us with excellent flexibility to pull events and metric data into a single view.

  2. Monolith's TCA makes this entirely possible. The AssureNow Monolith 4 release further simplifies and automates IT development and operations support systems and processes with self-service packaging and deployment, flexible rules engines, and full REST APIs for integration, customization, and dynamic deployment.

  3. Schaft views the enhanced ability to capture and store device configuration and the IT dashboard , heads-up display capabilities as big parts of the 3.

  4. MKAdvantage delivers software to clients that accurately depict the real-time status performance of the services being utilized by his clients and their customers. AssureNow is a next generation service assurance solution that unifies fault, performance, topology, and service level management in a single scalable platform.

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