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It should come as no surprise that the UFC has ignored Mousasi's nickname throughout his current run with the promotion. If there's one of the things that we learnt from the recent Reebok debacle going on in the UFC it's that fighters usually make more money from sponsorships than they do from actually fighting and having a cool nickname could help with that a lot. While seeing Lauzon fight actually isn't that bad a deal, it still doesn't change how bad a name this is.

Mma nicknames

That's only slightly more ridiculous than signing CM Punk but still, who doesn't want her booty shoot for a double in the octagon One common denominator over-all had always been that an MMA nickname needed to sound scary or devilish. Same Name, Different Game At the start of their careers, fighters are poised with a challenging task:

Mma nicknames

Mma nicknames

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  1. As the undisputed champions of UFC fan gear and apparel, Fanatics. The majority of these pooch impersonators integrate two primary breeds into their nicknames:

  2. Frank Trigg however is a light heavyweight who was mostly known as a grappler and NOT his footwork. Definitely not as attractive as the babe that Lopez is.

  3. On second thought, no, it's still an awful nickname. His facial hair is nasty and out of all the various jobs he's had over his life including bounty hunter, miner and football coach , dean isn't one of them.

  4. It has potential if it's a cool rhyme, but just rhyming for the sake of rhyming does nothing for me. Think about this for a second, Ron Waterman could have had so much potential for nicknames.

  5. Riddle me this riddle me that Any way you slice it, Pellegrino isn't even close to being Batman, Robin or even Alfred.

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