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Each winner commits to sending a holiday photo of their plush dragon to the following address: Die Gewinner werden bis zum


Once a month, in the last calendar week of the month, an internal jury chooses their favourites among the entries received. Die Gewinner werden bis zum Im Falle eines Unentschieden entscheidet das Los.



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  1. Participation sending the application is possible at any time. The winner of the month is notified by email and must provide his postal address for the dispatch of the prize.

  2. Die Teilnahme ist freiwillig und kostenlos. All those aged 14 or over at the time of sending their photo may participate.

  3. Dabei soll er sowohl seinen Klarnamen wie auch seinen Miramagia-Nickname und seine Miramagia-Spielwelt angeben. Prizes Each month, one Miramagia plush dragon worth approx.

  4. Every month we'll send a dragon off and, in our team, we will choose the most interesting holiday destination for him e.

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