Midget strippers san diego


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It wasn't cheap by any means but in my opinion it was worth the cost. Character was great with the kids and all had a great time!

Midget strippers san diego

After all, the android dancers weren't really strippers, since they wore no clothes; in fact, they were barely even robots, since they were tied to their poles and only capable of a limited set of motions. Once you book a midget for hire, you'll be all set with your event.

Midget strippers san diego

Midget strippers san diego

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  1. As robot technology advances, that future could get very weird very quickly. I must say that everyone was very impressed with just how fabulous the show was.

  2. From a distance, the mechanical humanoids on a strip-club stage looked something like real dancers in robot drag. Costumes were excellent, the actors stayed in character throughout and they were great with kids.

  3. OMG I can not express my appreciation.

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