Michaels cafe bensalem pa


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More details coming soon. We wish him a safe trip.

Michaels cafe bensalem pa

Kathy Giacoletti, for directions. There are no classes on the third 3rd and fifth 5th Friday of each month. This weeks edition of DanceTalk is sponsored by Mad Jam

Michaels cafe bensalem pa

Michaels cafe bensalem pa

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  1. Stanley Smalanowicz is leaving for Poland for three months. See all the details below.

  2. Group Motion Dance Workshop. Princeton Friday Night Folk Dancers.

  3. Then, adolescent singer Freddie James wowed listeners with his strong range. Scholarships available where a financial need can be demonstrated.

  4. But there is another artist, from abroad, that didn't get the recognition that so many of her peers received back then. The first 1st Friday of each month, the class is for Advanced Scottish Country dancers.

  5. As a teenager she struck gold with the enormous dance hit "Shame.

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