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When there are unseen messages in any room, a small number in an orange circle will let you know how many messages you have missed. If you load the main chat window you will see a button that says "Create New Room" A new box will appear where you can name your room, determine if it is public or private and assign a password if you would like. If the recipient accepts your Private Chat request, a separate window will open.

Mic chat room

Be patient, and simply repeat the request. Type your message and then press "Whisper" and your message will appear in the main chat box but will only be visible to the person you selected from the list.

Mic chat room

Mic chat room

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  1. These instructions will work for both the public and private chat rooms. Try to be prepared for when it's your turn on mic.

  2. If your camera is already on but you've disabled your microphone, hover over your personal box and click on the microphone to 'light it up'! Positive room environment is encouraged.

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