Messin with sasquatch costume


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Choose from a wide selection of Sasquatch costumes! Descriptions of Bigfoot are similar to those of.

Messin with sasquatch costume

He could play a gentle giant like the Bigfoot Harry in Harry and the Hendersons, or he could kick some butt as a bloodthirsty alien like he did in the first two Predator movies. I wouldn't go for the pre-made costumes if it's from Rubie's. But I'm so angry!

Messin with sasquatch costume

Messin with sasquatch costume

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  1. Comparison shopping for the best price. Snap up this costume, grab a bag of beef jerky, and head out to the bar to be a guaranteed Halloween costume contest winner!

  2. I wouldn't go for the pre-made costumes if it's from Rubie's.

  3. Throwaway for obvious career reasons.

  4. An anecdote from the production of The Empire Strikes Back accentuates just how indispensable these costumed actors can be. Badejo fit the bill.

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