Menthol condoms


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They are not meant for penetrative sex. Once deployed and unrolled, and upon complete vaginal penetration, the topical sexual stimulant 10 would be deposited not inside of the vagina, but directly onto the vulvae, and specifically the clitoris.

Menthol condoms

This is to prevent premature ejaculation. The method as recited in claim 4 , wherein said longitudinal portion has indicia thereon to facilitate aligned use of said condom with the dorsal aspect of a male user of said condom. The method as recited in claim 3 , wherein said mold has an internal chilling means therein at a proximal portion therein.

Menthol condoms

Menthol condoms

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  1. Prior Art A U.

  2. Flavoured condoms come in use for oral sex. Such a mold form 22 may be completely chilled or only its proximal end portion 24 chilled through an internal chill line 26 or by an external ducting of chilled fluid thereon by a sprayer

  3. Upon chilling and the slight solidification of such lubricant or stimulant, the condom may be rolled up for receipt within a sealable package. The L-arginine, once within the stroma of the corpus cavemosa of the clitoris, is utilized to induce the nitric oxide synthase pathway to produce nitric oxide, cyclic GMP, smooth muscle relaxation, and a clitoral erection.

  4. Application of the sexual stimulant may be accomplished through dipping, rolling, or placing a preformed band of lubricant on the proximal end.

  5. Do not get carried away with your passion and the heat of the moment and tear it open in a random fashion.

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