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Next up is our magic accounting duo of Mel Koenig and Shawn Quinn: The rest of the boy's body was discovered in bags inside a red suitcase in a trash bin about a mile from Aron's apartment. While she made good use her filmmaking degree at that job, here she returns to her first love—books.

Melshawn cook

Levi Aron to Get "Insanity" Defense The sources said police are treating the death as a homicide, given how the body was found. His legs had been cut from his torso.

Melshawn cook

Melshawn cook

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  1. I watched the explosion out our third floor windows with 8-year-old Andrew Koenig.

  2. The Company For 18 years we have made our home here in Milwaukee's Historic Third Ward, but with books covering every last spare inch and spreading out over multiple floors of the sturdy Phoenix Building, we know the time has come to move.

  3. Although I hear a rumor brother Aaron originally gave it to him. A psychiatric evaluation obtained by The Associated Press said Aron was confused and apathetic, a "practically blank" personality whose younger sister died while institutionalized with schizophrenia.

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