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Then the boxer Mike Tyson moved in! You''d slide down a not-so-steep man-made incline and then--whoop--drop another foot into a sand trap.


There was this cranky old red tractor that came with the property, and when we were small we always had to get on there with him--I guess to share in his misery. Five acres is a lot to keep up with. Then there was the house itself!



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  1. Then the boxer Mike Tyson moved in!

  2. God knows if any of that''s true. Which explains why there are still so many back issues floating around a quarter of a century later.

  3. My parents wound up letting her have the wedding in the backyard, by the swimming pool and the rose garden. I was gobsmacked as I paged through them.

  4. I feel Melanie's material is not only unique, it is the most through and superior to what's currently available on the market. It just jostled you violently in the seat.

  5. You''d slide down a not-so-steep man-made incline and then--whoop--drop another foot into a sand trap.

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