Melancholic personality traits


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But renewed offenses penetrate deeply into the soul and can hardly be forgotten. Introverted Melancholics are the most introverted of the temperaments in that they crave time alone, and are most at ease in their own company. Much of their introversion comes from their perfectionism.

Melancholic personality traits

He works carefully and reliably, but only if he has ample time and is not pressed. They resist making quick decisions.

Melancholic personality traits

Melancholic personality traits

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  1. There are also instances in his life where he was in deep loneliness like the one where he was said to have removed his ear because he was broken-hearted. Some Cholerics will be very strong, others somewhat strong, and still others more mild.

  2. They hold themselves and others to unrealistically high standards, and get distressed when these standards are not met. The melancholic is pessimistic.

  3. He sees everything from the dark side. Melancholic is usually very possessive about the things that he owns and is reluctant to let others borrow or use them, because he treats his own things well, cares about everything deeply, and will worry that others will not look after them with the same level of care.

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