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She is an experience-collector at heart and knows that the joy of every experience is magnified by your connection with whom you share them. When not studying the compounds of X and Y chromosomes, Lacey enjoys walking her poodle mix, improving her golf game, and watching a high-scoring hockey match with her honey. She will work her intuitive magic and creativity to find your match and curate experiences where both of you feel free to be your full authentic selves.

Matchmaker irvine

As a serial entrepreneur, she always starts by building a solid foundation. Lauren Finney is ready to edit your options. The world of dating can seem intimidating, but with Sarah, you'll conquer it together

Matchmaker irvine

Matchmaker irvine

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  1. With a background in corporate event planning, Sarah cultivates memorable experiences for her clients in a personalized way.

  2. Clarity, Commitment, Communication and Cooperation. Opening the line of communication between you and your partner-to-be, she is committed to empowering others and finds ultimate satisfaction in fostering authentic relationships.

  3. Stalk her at www. Kim DeYoung is just as comfortable in an evening gown as she is in blue jeans and a baseball cap.

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