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Von Furstenberg was born just 18 months after her mother was released from Auschwitz. Tiffani Warkenthien Tiffani Warkenthien, 19, is a native of the Bronx with professional experience in retail and styling. Tiffani has also taken courses in fashion styling at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Matches dvf

But will they have what it takes? Von Furstenberg is fiercely independent, a trait she ascribes to her mother. Own who you are.

Matches dvf

Matches dvf

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  1. It's just doesn't exist," she tells Harlow. Don't let failure get to your heart.

  2. She was right because after ten minutes, you realize that there is no such thing as total dark. Von Furstenberg with her two children.

  3. She feels she is still finding herself, which is what drew her to fashion. Proudly Italian, Lenore is very close to her family, particularly her mother, who she describes as "my rock, best friend, strength, role model—my everything.

  4. The eight young women who have been chosen come from various backgrounds and expertise, from a fashion blogger and a wardrobe stylist to a fashion photographer, design student and more!

  5. The now iconic wrap dress may have catapulted von Furstenberg to the global stage in the s -- and to the cover of Newsweek at age 29 -- but it is her staying power in the fickle industry of fashion that is a testament to the empire she has built and her own perseverance.

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