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But she is very conservative in the bedroom. The industry would actually be subject to more regulation, Ms Kim explained, because it would be governed by standard practices like occupational work, health and safety rules, or industrial rights regulations. A Darwin massage parlour spray painted with graffiti reading 'Does your wife know??

Massage parlour rules

And she says the business owners benefit from the extra bookings brought in by masseuses who offer sexual services so they often ignore such transactions on their premises. Illegal brothels disguised as massage parlors are common in many countries. Neda Vanovac Non-erotic only One massage parlour in Darwin's CBD said initially it had to place a sign at the window front explaining it offered non-erotic massages only.

Massage parlour rules

Massage parlour rules

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  1. All of my friends who do this type of job are willing to do it at their own free will, because they can earn a lot more money than other typical jobs.

  2. Some didn't understand the query because they said English wasn't their first language, while others didn't want to understand, before hanging up the phone.

  3. They say no woman will talk to them.

  4. The final type is 'hidden' massage shops, whose owners declare that there are no sexual services available yet individual staff might offer them secretly. We offer happy endings, playful touching and erotic massage.

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