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However, after an unusual situation, these messages began to resonate within his mind and he felt like he needed to do something to protect the towns people. Leaving aside the killer sound track and hilarious comedy moments, the swordplay action is absolutely amazing and gives this anime an extra little edge. It is in this gym that Ippo finds himself enthralled by the art of Boxing and asks Mamoru to take him under his wing as a student.

Martial arts anime list

As the story progresses, they end up uncovering the secrets of the Tera system and are forced into battle after battle, showcasing bloody yet impressive fights. We see an insane amount of action right out of the gates, with the two main clan leaders clashing with each other until the bitter end, which became the precursor to the events taking place after. This boxing treat will surely knock you out with its over the top visuals, commentary and educational references.

Martial arts anime list

Martial arts anime list

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  1. It tells the story of Ippo Makunouchi , a bullied student who is saved one day by Mamoru Takamura and taken to his Boxing gym.

  2. As we watch their struggles, we become able to empathize with them as the build-up of emotions outside of the ring explode in the inevitable match. Including, the strongest of all the Eight Greatest Fists Gang.

  3. The battles are large and expansive contests of power, skill, and planning, and the large list of characters tend to attract a vast number of fans, which has secured its place in this list. This very famous battle has now given life to various anime, and popular live action films.

  4. Kenichi undergoes torturous training but eventually becomes a proficient fighter who faces quite many formidable opponents.

  5. Though there are only 12 episodes, each episode is rather long 50 mins!

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