Married men and strip clubs


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Do you go with him? If he still wants to go ask him if he would feel differently about you if you wanted a man's c in your face.

Married men and strip clubs

Do you know how scary it was to hear men sometimes share this type of information and support each other in this way? But I made a mistake too; I never should have allowed him to believe it was okay with me and with our marriage.

Married men and strip clubs

Married men and strip clubs

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  1. I just told him you were there with them. I will go out to a bar and flirt with men and get very physical with them, I know you know what I mean.

  2. Why would he need to read that book?

  3. Essentially, Jeremy shared with me that he did struggle with pornography in the beginning of our marriage.

  4. Do you know how much that hurt to hear? That being said, your husband has a choice.

  5. The topic was sex. He wanted to go to one and I told him fine go.

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