Mantyhose 2014


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So many questions still unanswered. Above your shoes and below your rolled up short pants, they will shower your ankles with fashion. This is something I knew how to do already, somehow.

Mantyhose 2014

They make you look like the Riddler! I secretly wore them to a professional event.

Mantyhose 2014

Mantyhose 2014

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  1. That was my look, at least my inner layer, for a long hot week during which there was a blizzard. Or, ideally, if you got it like this, you wear them with shorts.

  2. The fabric is thicker, more durable.

  3. And later, when I do take my pants off, it will not go over well.

  4. This is going to be difficult, so sit down. Since that evening, I have played drums in them.

  5. And your genitals have to pick a side. I fail to make it look sexy.

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