Manipulative behaviour in the elderly


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Carrie Disney, a psychoanalyst bpc. Some seniors may even feel that they can simply move in with their children if they can no longer afford to live on their own. To make matters worse, caregiving can sometimes mean you have to take a hard line.

Manipulative behaviour in the elderly

Mentally, she is negative, helpless, angry and — especially towards me — manipulative. If the behavior is occurring because the senior feels powerless, you could look for ways to help give them back power. That assumption means that many caregivers are shocked at the level of manipulative behavior in the elderly.

Manipulative behaviour in the elderly

Manipulative behaviour in the elderly

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  1. That manipulation can easily turn into abuse and can create a challenging situation for caregivers.

  2. She is a lot calmer.

  3. The site Aging Care offers some good additional information about how to respond to manipulative behavior and how to figure out where to draw boundaries. As a result, they will often go back on promises that they have made or contradict themselves often.

  4. So, what can you do? The timing or frequency of such issues can sometimes make them feel intentional too.

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