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After the Egyptian troops retreated at first, the sultan had more than 50 commanders hanged as deserters. They were still the feudal owners of Egypt and their land was still the source of wealth and power. There he was welcomed by Sultan Qutuz.


Sonny lived with his mother from the day he was born till the day he died. His name was Sonny. In , these Mamluks established a state at Dunqulah in the Sennar as a base for their slave trading.



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  1. He was assassinated in his bath. After Napoleon[ edit ] After the departure of French troops in the Mamluks continued their struggle for independence; this time against the Ottoman Empire and Great Britain.

  2. In , Selim began the war which led to the conquest of Egypt and its dependencies. It was widely said that Baibars, who seized power, had been involved in the assassination plot.

  3. The rebel al-Basasiri was a mamluk who eventually ushered in Seljuq dynastic rule in Baghdad after attempting a failed rebellion.

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