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For the first time ever in Sweden. He stayed for four years.

Malmo muslim

Now, the time has come to go at it on their own. There has been dialogue in the past but most agree that it never had any real grounding at the community level.

Malmo muslim

Malmo muslim

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  1. During his studies at the university, life took another direction when he delved into Islamic studies.

  2. Those who only have the Palestinian issue on their minds will have a hard time digesting the concept of dialogue to begin with. Both Salahuddin Barakat and I came to the conclusion that he has exactly the right spiritual qualities and the social engagement that we would desire in a rabbi in order to resolve these issues.

  3. The same is of course true for the Muslims, says Salahuddin Barakat.

  4. If you meet an imam who is not influenced by political conflicts alone, he might know more about the background than most other people do. The same is of course true for the Muslims, says Salahuddin Barakat.

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