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The process of getting a tattoo, almost like an initiation ceremony in nature, is very nearly as important as the tattoo itself. There are plenty of people out there who got one on impulse and regret it. It's not always clear why, but an influx of students as well as professionals has helped.

Main street tattoo longmont co

Here in Longmont, we have at least four tattoo studios. Jamie did my tat and will for sure be going back!

Main street tattoo longmont co

Main street tattoo longmont co

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  1. Simply wandering into a studio and randomly picking an artist can be risky, not necessarily because that artist could be bad, but because their style might not fit your taste. But it's also worth nothing that the perception that they are for people from a certain walk of life and represent something unsavory, are justly disappearing fast.

  2. If you are only going in for one piece or to piece together your whole body, they make you feel comfortable and at home!

  3. According to Mike O'Neil, owner of Main Street Tattoo, the current trend in Longmont and beyond is for bigger tattoos, including full-length arm pieces, referred to as sleeves. Mike did amazing on my tattoo!

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