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I can get this for the same price as the Brio. Filled the room, and sounded very engaging.


I listened to this first, in a different store. Louis , Gest is vaguely aware that the program's good intentions do not always overshadow the abuses it tolerates, which include shielding corporate interests and avoiding hiring highly qualified black writers. I'm probably leaning toward the Arcam right now, but I'm second guessing that because:



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  1. Lamps at High Noon is the only novel about this strike and the only one to treat comprehensively any aspect of the Federal Writers' Project, whose participants included some of the country's most accomplished and promising authors. I recently listened to 3 integrated amps, all in different stores and different speakers and note that all have a phono stage and I'd like some advice:

  2. I really liked the sound of this amp as well. Again, the idea of saving money with the Marantz is attractive, but not if the phono stage or long-term quality is subpar compared to the other two.

  3. Currently have an old Yamaha amp, but I'm in the process of replacing that now.

  4. I am worried about the phono stage since the price on this amp is the lowest of the three.

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