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Focus at work Focus supports all networks, including complex ones you may find at work like proxies or VPNs. Gates was located Wednesday and arrested. Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to quickly create your ideal work environment on your computer?


You can even use the powerful allowed sites feature to block the entire Internet or just allow a few pages. Dozens of inspiring quotes are shipped by default, but you can always customize and add your own to personalize your motivation.



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  1. It's even possible to call Focus from other applications, creating flexible productivity routines.

  2. Track Your Productivity Keep up with your productivity to ensure you're on track with Statistics. These services are great, but getting stuff done can be hard when they're one click away.

  3. Be careful, these modes once engaged cannot be stopped!

  4. Privacy guaranteed Focus never sends your browsing data to our servers, everything is self-contained on your Mac.

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