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But I'm sure our families butted heads. Still, Crowbar is the show's hero, a bulwark of traditional values and domesticity, as opposed to his rival, Kerry Wayne Evans, described as "one of the Ozarks' most controversial businessmen. Evans embraces the role:

Loves ozark ar

Along the highway, confederate flags hang from dead trees and horses graze in patches of ice. October by Joshua Starnes The service is notably positive and fast for travelers and locals. His own father, he said, worked closely alongside Crowbar's and Kerry Wayne's fathers in the early days of Cherokee Village.

Loves ozark ar

Loves ozark ar

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  1. The show is about ideology, what people believe in and their way of life and how that impacts their surroundings. I wanted people to see what we were really like, overall.

  2. Men in straw hats wielded bowie knives and chased trains, and a country preacher in a dilapidated church made pronouncements like, "If we stop fighting the good fight, it will open the door to the devil.

  3. Driving into Sharp County, you'll pass through Cave City, self-proclaimed home of the World's Sweetest Watermelons, and Evening Shade, population , the setting for an early '90s sitcom starring Burt Reynolds. She'd hidden the money under a log.

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