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So stunned I stopped to really soak in what he said. My husband walked in just as I was in the moment of taking it all in.


I was feeling pretty powerless. At first enraged by what he perceives as an act of charity, Snyder finally realizes this is Etting's way of showing her appreciation, even if she can't be part of his life any longer. Etting declines, but Snyder's interest in her continues.



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  1. I asked moms everywhere to accept the beautiful bodies they have been given through pregnancy and child birth. Her singing coach and pianist Johnny Alderman Cameron Mitchell , who always had a crush on her and warned her about the Svengali-like Marty, comes back in the picture in Hollywood and this brings on some severe jealousy fits by Marty--ones that include Doris getting slapped hard across the kisser and her suitor finding out how far The Gimp will go to protect his possessions.

  2. The Whatever Mom is a full time wife and twin mama living on coffee and wine. I mean every mom is supposed to make it her mission to lose the baby weight, right?

  3. But really what did I accomplish?

  4. It kept them safe and healthy.

  5. He then catches them together, shoots Johnny and is arrested. So stunned I stopped to really soak in what he said.

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