Love coupons for him template


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This coupon book is made for kids and has some great ideas inside like Ice Cream Date Night! It has some ideas that they will love like staying up beyond their usual bedtime! I came to the conclusion that either he is not the coupon type whatever that may mean or my coupons must have been very dull and boring.

Love coupons for him template

You can fill in the Voucher details yourself including what the voucher is good for and how long it is valid for. One last coupon book for the husband and these ideas are ones that he will love for sure!

Love coupons for him template

Love coupons for him template

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  1. This is a wonderful coupon booklet that is totally customizable for your husband! Full of items like free hugs or kissesā€¦ free is the way to go!

  2. However, the template can only print out one coupon at the time. Here are 10 of the best Valentine Day coupon book free printables I can find.

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