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About the Presidents for Entrepreneurship Forum The Presidents for Entrepreneurship Forum is in response to the Obama Administration's Startup America call to action to stimulate economic growth state by state by encouraging entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. We offer educational programming, seminars and employee training for our members to educate and keep their employees motivated as well as up to date on a variety of business topics. Over businesses took advantage of the sponsorship opportunities last year.

Loraincounty com forums

Over businesses took advantage of the sponsorship opportunities last year. Community college presidents who join the Forum make five commitments: Being listed in this directory will get your name and contact information in front of new members, residents and businesses in Lorain County all year long.

Loraincounty com forums

Loraincounty com forums

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  1. We do this via our collaboration with other Chambers of Commerce in Northeast Ohio, as well as with organizations like the Builders, Realtors and Landlord groups. Working with our members to get them involved in different committees in the County Chamber as well as in other organizations to the benefit of all of Lorain Countians.

  2. It has grown each year and is a must attend event held each November.

  3. Our networking takes place all over the County and brings you into local businesses that have been here for decades or have just opened up. Access to Sneak Peeks and the ability to get to see some of the newest businesses in and around Lorain County.

  4. Promotion of our local businesses via our relationships with our local newspapers, radio stations and digital as well as traditional publications.

  5. Access to your elected officials via State of the City luncheons, Meet and Greets as well as acting as an advocate for business with our local township officials, mayors, city managers and representatives from State and Federal offices.

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