Linen restaurant manchester


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Trees are donated to some of the poorest communities on the planet in Haiti, Africa, Asia and South America. On Premise Operations We offer our expertise and proven process driven procedures to hotel ownership groups and independent properties for on premise laundry management or consultation.

Linen restaurant manchester

Our in-house engineering team adheres to a daily preventive maintenance program, and monitors our custom-tailored chemistry and wash formulas to assure consistent and high-quality performance. Mostly all year round fruit trees, they are harvested to feed the people and their livestock and any excess produce is sold.

Linen restaurant manchester

Linen restaurant manchester

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  1. Our dedicated customer service team works closely with each client to assist in implementing best practices to maximize their laundry and linen management programs. Linen is modern British dining at its finest.

  2. Linen can also be re-arranged to accommodate a full cocktail party, private dinner or social event, creatively adapting this versatile space to match your requirements. With customers ranging from small inns, restaurants, athletic clubs and universities, to larger hotels and resorts, we partner with each client to build a customized laundry service program to fit their requirements.

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